The Porpoise Gala 2018

Well done to all swimmers who took part in the gala.


Press Report:

The Guernsey Swimming Club recently held its annual Porpoise Gala at Beau Sejour. Children aged up to 11 years swam in events ranging from 10 metres in the small pool to 100 metres in the main pool.

Seven-year-old Isla Rault was one of the star performers of the gala as she broke the long standing thirteen year old record in the 6 & over 10m freestyle event in a time of 14.48. Alana Le Tissier, 8, touched second and Aisling Ryan, 7, third. Lola Williams, 6, gained a gold medal in the 10m backstroke with Le Tissier gaining silver and Daisy McClean, 7, bronze.

Callum Slane, 7, received two gold medals for his hard work in the 10m freestyle and backstroke. Nathanial Kay, 6, took silver and Toby Miles, 6, bronze, in the freestyle while Joshua Leightley, 6, was presented silver in the backstroke.

In the mixed 5 & under 10m events, Addison Margetts took gold in the freestyle (21.41), Ben Gale silver (23.72) and Ruby King bronze (24.06). King raced to the finish in the backstroke taking gold (32.85) while Ciara Shaw and Bethany Batiste took second and third place respectively (39.49 and 41.53).

The Guernsey Swimming Club holds the annual Curr Cup in this gala which sees small pool swimmers compete over 10 metres. The youngest swimmer to complete the distance is announced champion and this year Addison Margetts took home the trophy.

Young swimmers who swim in the wings of the main pool competed over 25 metres in their own category. Six year old Amia Allen took gold in the freestyle in 37.50. Seven years olds Holly Sarre touched second and Emilie Herve third. Herve did two better in the backstroke touching first in 42.06. Charlotte Gallienne came second and Allen third. For the boys in this category, 6 year old Jacob Lee claimed two gold medals in the freestyle and backstroke. Jax Williams, 7, took silver in both events. Sid Sole, 7, received bronze in the backstroke and Lennon Sturgeon, 7, bronze in the freestyle.

Lily-Ann Felbabel, 7, was presented gold medals in both the 25m freestyle and backstroke. Grace King took silver in both with Maisie Heaume taking bronze in the freestyle and Effie Reid bronze in the backstroke. Seven year old Samuel Dunning and Corey De Jersey had two very close races. Dunning claimed the gold in the freestyle and De Jersey gold in the backstroke. Ryan Stephens took bronze in both events.

In the girls 8-9 years events, nine-year-old Emma Bourgaize turned up to the gala on top form claiming golds in the 50m freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and 100m IM. Scarlett-Rose Foss (8) just touched before Bourgaize in the 25m butterfly claiming the gold medal. Foss gained silver medals in the freestyle, IM and backstroke and gained a bronze in the breaststroke. Chloe Sarre (9) claimed bronze in the freestyle. Alix Le Noury (9) took third spot in the IM and backstroke. Freya Toumine (9) touched second in the breaststroke and third in the butterfly.

Oliver Stephens, 9, had a clean sweep of gold medals in all five events. Samuel Cann, 8, was close behind in the freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly taking the silver medals. Brody De Jersey, 9, gained bronze medals in the freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke while Joseph Lee, 9, took bronze in the butterfly.

In the oldest age group of the gala, the 10-11 years olds battled it out for medals. Hannah Kennedy, 11, fought hard against her younger sister Tara for gold medals in all five events. Tara swam strong for silver in the IM, backstroke, freestyle and breaststroke. Grace Reid, 10, took silver in the butterfly and bronze in all other events.

Eleven-year-old Harry Heaume took gold in the backstroke, IM, freestyle and butterfly with Thomas Stewart, 11, taking gold in the breaststroke beating Heaume to the finish. Stewart finished second in all other races. Seby Peters, 10, took home the bronze medal in the backstroke and freestyle. Harvey Bachelet, 10, claimed bronze in the breaststroke.

Isla Rault – record breaker!
Hannah & Tara Kennedy