The Penguin Gala 2017

The Guernsey Swimming Club recently held its annual Penguin Gala at Beau Sejour. Children aged from 4 to 11 years swam in the main pool.

Adam Beak, aged 4 was the youngest swimmer in the gala. He competed in the 25m backstroke and claimed a bronze medal in the 25m freestyle in 57.22. Jacob Lee, 5, took gold (39.09) and Jack Watson, also 5, silver (41.95). Lee also claimed gold in the backstroke (34.92) and Watson another silver (48.55). Five year old, Amy Joyce claimed gold’s in the freestyle and backstroke events in 48.09 and 56.13 respectively.

For the six year olds, Grace King took gold in the freestyle (36.54), Effie Reid, silver (37.05) and Isabella Wicks bronze (38.13). Reid touched the wall first in the backstroke in 37.67 with Wicks second (38.74) and King third (41.13). Corey De Jersey claimed gold in both the freestyle (30.07) and backstroke (38.01) events. In the freestyle, Noah Bartlett took silver (32.77) and Ryan Stephens bronze (35.50). Samuel Dunning fought for silver in the backstroke and Stephens took third spot.

Seven-year-old Gabriella Collas claimed gold in the breaststroke and Ida Stewart silver. Collas settled for silver in the backstroke and freestyle as Scartlett-Rose Foss took the gold medals. Stewart was presented bronze. Samuel Cann had a clean sweep as he took gold medals in all three events. Harry Carre claimed silver in the backstroke while Eoghan Evans took bronze. Evans did one better in the freestyle where he took silver and Kobi Fox bronze. Fox added a silver medal to his collection in the breaststroke.

It was another fantastic gala for 8-year-old Emma Bourgaize who competed in the 50m freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and 25m butterfly, claiming gold in all four. Alix Le Noury was hot on her heels in the freestyle and backstroke taking silver. Grace Clarke touched the wall claiming bronze just ahead of Phoebe Batiste in the freestyle. Amelie Sole took third place in the backstroke while Freya Toumine touched second in the breaststroke. Oliver Stephens claimed gold’s in the 50m freestyle, backstroke and 25m butterfly. Brody De Jersey touched second in the freestyle and third in the backstroke. Joseph Lee claimed gold in the backstroke and butterfly. Wills Coleman took the bronze medal in the freestyle.

There were some close races in the nine and over category. Grace Reid claimed gold in the 25m butterfly (24.63); silver went to Ruby Dowding (25.23) and bronze, Chloe Taylor (26.77). Tara Kennedy beat Reid to the finish in the 50m breaststroke, while Dowding claimed bronze, touching just after Reid. Kennedy also claimed gold in the backstroke, Reid silver and Taylor bronze. Reid raced Kennedy to the finish in the freestyle but it was Reid that touched first. Mollie Watson claimed the bronze medal.

Harvey Bachelet claimed gold in the 50m breaststroke (1:10.83), with twin brother Keelan taking silver (1:12.15). Seby Peters touched in third place (1:14.47). Cohyn Dean just missed out on a medal touching fourth in 1:15.79. Peters raced to claim gold in the backstroke. Harvey Bachelet took silver and Reece Evans bronze. Peters continued his winning streak in the freestyle with Evans taking silver and Harvey bronze.

Guernsey Swimming Club Director Jo Norman said ‘this is a great gala for our up and coming swimmers. There were many fantastic swims and a lot of swimmers achieved personal best times.’

The photo below is of the Best Boy/Girl Trophy Winners.

Left to right. Back row: Oliver Stephens, Emma Bourgaize, Grace Reid, Harvey Bachelet and Samuel Cann. Front row: Gabriella Collas, Effie Reid, Corey De Jersey and Jacob Lee. Amy Joyce was not available for the photo.

Full results from the Penguin Gala will be posted on the website as soon as possible. Many thanks for your patience.