Bay Swim Series

Sunday 4th June marked the start of this summer’s Guernsey Swimming Club bay swim series, once again sponsored by Louvre Group.

Rousse to Amarreurs

The first swim meet started from the slipway at Rousse and saw 44 competitors swim across to Amarreurs beach, covering a distance of around 800 metres.

The calm conditions on the day made for a great crossing, and this was reflected in the fast finishing times, with 23-year-old Kevin Penney walking up the beach first with a time of 10 minutes and 45 seconds. Thirteen-year-old Samuel Lowe came in second in 10.47, third was Becky Simmons, 54, in 10 minutes 56 seconds and fellow channel swimmer, 50-year-old Paul Mason, was fourth in 11.07.

Pembroke Bay

Two weeks later 46 swimmers descended on Pembroke beach for a 750-metre swim in almost perfect conditions, and although Penney and Lowe started strong in the swim, it was Mason who finished first in 10.40 after overtaking midway through the course. This left Penney to claim second place and Lowe third, with times of 10.44 and 10.45 respectively.

Portelet to Fort Grey

July saw more great weather and perfect water conditions for the third bay swim held at Portelet, which attracted over 40 swimmers. After checking in with directors Jo Norman and Karen Girard, competitors gathered on the beach ready to race across the bay, covering around 750 metres and finishing at the slipway at Fort Grey.

Repeating the first race by taking back first, second and third positions were Penney in 10 minutes 35 seconds followed by Lowe in 10.50 and Simmons in 10.55. This race saw three of the club’s 11 year olds successfully complete the crossing, gaining some great open-water swimming experience. Joshua Dunning finished in 15.01, Teshie Marley in 16.36 and Robbie Stewart in 18.49.

Closed Castle

This event took place on Sunday 27th August 2017 took a new course. Swimmers started from the Horseshoe pool at La Vallette and finished as normal at the Castle Cornet slipway. Perfect conditions saw Simmons finish first in 7 minutes 50 seconds.


The Perelle bay swim was held on a late Sunday afternoon in July were 32 swimmers gathered together in tricky conditions for the longest of the open water series. The course measures around 1500m and therefore due to ASA requirements the minimum age is increased to 12 years.

Simmons and Penney were quick off the slipway battling against the conditions throughout the swim. It was Penney that returned to the slipway first in a time of 21 minutes 12 seconds followed by Simmons six seconds later. Adrian Bott, 54, finished third in 23.48 closely followed by Martin Chapman and Gareth Andrews in 23.57 and 24.08 respectively.

The youngest swimmer to complete the course was 12 year old Keeah Battle who finished in 44 minutes 24 seconds alongside regular sea swimmer Vanessa Marsh.

Guernsey Swimming Club Director Jo Norman said: ‘It is great to see so many of our younger swimmers taking part. Nowadays the only swim training they do is in the pool. It’s a great experience for all of them and a massive part of the club’s history from the La Vallette days.’

‘The Guernsey Swimming Club would like to thank all the volunteers who give up their own time to help out at these events. Thanks also go to Louvre Group, which is once again sponsoring the ever-popular club series.’

Bay Swim 2017 Results