Puffin Gala 2017

Full results from the Puffin Gala. Sorry but the records were updated before printing, so the old record times have been replaced with the new ones.

A huge well done to all swimmers.

2017 PUFFIN GALA RESULTS – 20-06-17

Here is a copy of the 2016 records.


Press Report

The Guernsey Swimming Club youngsters had their time to shine last week as the club staged its annual Puffin Gala. A total of 18 records were smashed on Sunday morning at Beau Sejour Leisure Centre.

Effie Reid claimed gold medals in the 6 and under age group for the 25m freestyle and backstroke in times of 44.51 and 43.52 respectively. Maisie Heaume took silver in both events and Amy Joyce placed third in the freestyle.

The boys in this age group had some very close races with Corey De Jersey taking the gold medal in the 25m backstroke in 42.33. Closely behind were Samuel Dunning and Ryan Stephens in times of 43.61 and 44.64. De Jersey also claimed the gold medal in the 25m freestyle in 32.03 with Sean Feehan taking silver and Noah Bartlett bronze.

In the 7 years age group Scarlett-Rose Foss claimed gold in the 25m freestyle while Ida Stewart and Gabriella Collas battled for second place. It was Collas that touched the wall first in 34.46 with Stewart close behind. Foss also claimed the gold in the 25m backstroke in 28.37 with Stewart and Collas following her to the wall. In the 25m breaststroke event it was Collas who took gold in 48.03 while Stewart finished second in 57.01.

In the boy’s 7 years age group, Samuel Cann swum to victory in the 25m backstroke while Kobi Fox took silver and Daniel Joyce bronze. Fox stormed past Cann in the 25m freestyle to touch first in 26.03. Joyce again took bronze. Following on from the freestyle event Cann went on to claim his second gold medal in the 25m breaststroke in a new record time of 31.54. Lucas Robins took silver.

Eight year old Emma Bourgaize took gold in the 25m freestyle, 19.95, backstroke, 23.34 and breaststroke in a record time of 26.91. Grace Clarke took silver in the freestyle while Phoebe Batiste claimed bronze. Batiste took silver in the backstroke while Freya Toumine claimed bronze. Toumine then went on to take silver in the breaststroke in 33.92.

Oliver Stephens, 8, claimed three gold medals in the Puffin Gala. The first in the 25m freestyle, taking almost one second of the previous set record, touching in 21.04. Joseph Lee took silver in 23.43 and Brody De Jersey third in 23.95. Stephens was at it again in the backstroke claiming a new record in 24.12, smashing the previous record by over two seconds. Lee and De Jersey claimed silver and bronze respectively. His final race, the 25m breaststroke, saw Stephens touch in 35.42 and De Jersey in 45.64.

Another star performer was nine year old Grace Reid who took top spot in the freestyle and backstroke. Tara Kennedy took silver in these events. Mollie Watson bronze in the freestyle and Ruby Dowding bronze in the backstroke. Kennedy fought off her competitors in the breaststroke claiming gold in a new record of 28.49. Reid took silver and Dowding the bronze medal.

Seby Peters, 9, took two gold’s away from the gala in both the freestyle and backstroke. Harvey Bachelet took gold in the breaststroke while twin Keelan claimed the silver. Keelan also took the silver in the freestyle and bronze in the backstroke.

Thomas Stewart, 10, placed first in all three swims and did so by re-writing the record books. Yannick Gaudion claimed silver in the breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle while Reece Evans took bronze in the freestyle and backstroke.

Sophie Foulds, 11, smashed the records for the backstroke and freestyle and took home the well-deserved gold medals. Foulds also placed first in the breaststroke. Annabel Fenn took silver in all three events. Eleven year old Benjamin Hamon claimed a clean sweep of gold’s in his three events and broke the records in each.

Swimmers also competed in the small pool and 5 year old Amia Allen took the gold medal in the 10m freestyle in a new record time of 15.50. Allen also claimed gold in the 10m backstroke in the 5 and under age group.

Jacob Lee, 5, claimed gold in the 10m backstroke in a new record of 17.40. Jack Skyrme was first in the 10m freestyle with Lee claiming silver and Clark Martel bronze.

Small Pool swimmers in the 6 years age group included Chloe Toumine and Charlotte Gallienne who both took the record for the 10m freestyle touching in 14.85. Gallienne also claimed gold in the 10m backstroke with Emilie Herve taking silver.
Jax Williams, 6, claimed gold in the 10m backstroke and freestyle. Zaine Bunsit took silver and Connor Pearce third spot.

In the 7 and over age group, Zai Bunsit took gold and Oscar High silver in the backstroke. High overtook Bunsit to claim gold in the freestyle event.

In the 10m float race Phoebe De Lisle took gold in a new record of 21.06 while Lola Williams took silver and Scarlet Broome bronze. Tate Loveridge took gold in the boy’s event. Lola Williams, 5, claimed gold in the width race while Broome took bronze.

Florence Peters, 4, took gold in the Pre-School float race in 36.81. Bethany Batiste claimed silver in 44.79 and the youngest swimmer in the gala, Charlotte Sarre, 2, claimed bronze in 1:10.32.

Some Small Pool swimmers also took part in the 25m freestyle event. Gallienne and High both claimed gold in 52.33 and 54.67 and collected the trophies.