Guernsey Swimming Club
Founded 1886

The Guernsey Masters were formed when a group of parents wanted to train to enter a relay team in the Guernsey Swimming Club Herm swim to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Club (est 1886). The training was first organised by Len Robilliard and his late wife Enid, and is now led by Frank Le Compte. Since those early days the Masters have gone from strength to strength. From the original 2 lanes at Beau Sejour the whole pool at St Sampson High School is used to train twice a week on Mondays and Fridays. There is a waiting list to join the training sessions.

The origin of the masters was to train for a sea swim of 3 miles, and some masters still take part in numerous sea swims. There is a dedicated section who swim in the sea throughout the year. In recent years four swimmers have swum the English Channel and one of them, Roger Allsopp has achieved it twice. The second time he did the swim ( 30 August 2011) he became the oldest person in the world to swim across the channel. There are a number of swimmers who have also swum to Alderney and Sark and this group are always looking for a challenge.

Masters Swimmers have entered various masters competitions in the UK, Europe and many other countries around the world. The Guernsey Swimming Club promote the local G4S International Masters swim meet at Beau Sejour. This is held annually and attracts competitors from many European countries, USA and further afield. This competition was originally set up and organised by John Eyre one of our master’s swimmers. He ran it for 20 years before handing over the reins in 2011.

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