Guernsey Swimming Club
Founded 1886
About Us

We are Guernsey’s second-oldest sporting club!


Club History

The club held its first meeting on the 23rd August 1886 and was a men only club which trained during the summer months and held galas in the Albert Dock (by the Albert Pier). This continued until 1923 when permission had to be obtained from the St Peter Port constables to allow a mixed gala which was held at the Ladies Pool at the Vallette.

Along with the swimming events diving was popular and the club still retains cups which were presented early on in the clubs history although because of the lack of diving facilities we no longer can present them.

Floodlit galas were a popular tourist attraction at the Vallette Pools during the 1960 and 70s with swimming, diving, and fun events. Water polo was also encouraged and main UK teams visited for these competitions. For the clubs centenary year a similar event was held.

In 1976 Beau Sejour recreation centre was opened and with this a new era in the local swimming scene emerged. The club was invited to train in a lovely new facility and swimming became an all year round sport. The club could now compete with the best of the UK club on an equal footing and took up the challenge.

Amateur Swimming Association Mission Statement:

  • To ensure everyone has an opportunity to learn to swim.
  • To ensure everyone can achieve his or her personal goals.
  • To ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • To ensure that we achieve gold medal success.